One Magical Day

It has been a while since I’ve added anything new here, since I’ve been spending several days touring culinary schools across the US. As a girl with Disney Chef as her dream job, I gave the Le Cordon Bleu campus in Orlando a try this weekend. After a long day of talking to people, cooking in demo classes and touring the school and housing areas, there was no better place to unwind than Downtown Disney! Fulton’s Crab House was the first stop on the list for some delectable seafood dinner.


As it so happened, this weekend also was one of the runDisney marathons, so things were twice as crowded as usual. Our waiter asked if we had come to Disney for the marathon, and when I told him we had come to tour culinary schools he grinned at me and winked, saying “Follow me for a minute.”

He led me into the kitchen, a small and cramped 40-year-old space that was bustling with loud  noises, popping burners and searing, grilling, sautéing chefs of all kinds.

“What do you think?” he asked.

“It’s exactly how I imagined it,” I replied. It was intense. The atmosphere was electric.

“Well, once you’re ready, come on back,” he said cheerfully, leading me back out into the dining room. “We would love make some room for you here.”

Crab Cakes

The dish I ate, the crab cakes above, tasted absolutely fabulous served on a bed of spicy corn and two beautifully crispy fried green tomatoes. It was quite a perfect evening. I left with a stomach full of food and mind full of inspiration. The waiter left with a hefty and well deserved tip.

And of course, to top everything off, I took a trip on the Characters In Flight hot air balloon. It did take some persuading, as heights are not my forte, but it truly did create the perfect ending to a perfect day.

Characters In Flight


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