Party Hard

The first week of culinary school is over! Can you believe it? I certainly can’t. This experience is surreal to me.

Of course, a few of my classmates welcomed our first Friday night with some partying of the questionable kind. Since that’s not really my thing, I decided to party my own way in the city of magic! One of my new friends and I drove straight down to Downtown Disney and spent several hours smiling ear-to-ear, practically giving the contents of our wallets to Mickey Mouse. Disney isn’t cheap, especially for the college student on a budget, but that didn’t stop us at all!

We had an absolute blast. Downtown Disney is the perfect activity for a Friday night.

Mint Mickey Brownie

Stopping by Goofy’s Candy Co. I noticed some rules for Cast Members on duty. This intrigued me. I found it both useful and amusing!


Also located in Downtown Disney is a store called Basin, a refreshing bodywash sort of shop. This has got to be one of my favorite parts of Downtown Disney just for the fact they offer handwashing samples. Yes, handwashing samples. (Don’t I party hard in college?)

The store features a large square sink with faucets and samples of their hand scrub. You rub a dime sized amount into your hands for thirty seconds and use the sink to rinse it off. As simple as it sounds, it’s amazing. It revolutionizes the art of cleaning your hands.

I introduced this place to my roommate, who thought I was crazy for raving about soap, for goodness sake, but the group of teenage boys around the sink helped change her mind–they were raving as well!

“It’s official,” one of them announced. “My hands are ready for holding.”

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Just one of many reasons I’m so glad to be blessed with this experience. Downtown Disney is my kind of party!


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