I’m Turning Into A Hipster

Salted Caramel Ganache

See this lovely piece of dessert up here? That’s a salted caramel ganache from the bakery on the Disney Boardwalk. It was actually my breakfast, but don’t tell my mother. She thinks I’m making smart meal decisions in college.

Not only does this signify a drastic change in my eating habits now that I’ve begun life on my own, it signifies something else, something slightly more serious.

I’m turning into a hipster.

I do not own this photo!

The past several days, immersed in Disney culture, searching out local spots and popular food destinations, I have begun to photograph a ridiculous amount of things, food especially. This might be acceptable with a good, quality piece of camera equipment, but all I have is my cell phone. I’d like to say it’s because I think cameras are too mainstream, but it’s really because I’m broke and can’t afford anything nice. That hasn’t stopped me from posting madly on Instagram, however, and those that follow me probably are sick to death of my crazy Disney/food posts. But I just can’t seem to help it–I have to share!

Anyway, let’s take a quick dash back to the ganache up there. Isn’t it gorgeous? Look at the fantastic bit of gold on that chocolate square. It’s an edible advertisement! How neat is that?

Edible Advertising: DIsney Style

The Boardwalk Bakery, which is where this delectable piece of artwork is from, is located on the Disney Boardwalk and is the cutest little place. Everything on the Boardwalk is fantastic, especially at night when the place lights up like the Fourth of July. It’s worth checking out, and best of all, it’s free!

I’ve made it my mission to figure out all the free Disney magic in the area that doesn’t require purchasing a park ticket, because I can’t afford a ticket like that on my budget. If anyone knows of fun, free things to do, please let me know! In the meanwhile I’ll make it my duty as a new local to get to know all the places I can go without paying maximum price for the magic. The Boardwalk was a great place to start.

Disney's Boardwalk

I have also made a pact with my roommate to eat at every Downtown Disney restaurant throughout the course of our studies, something I’ll keep everyone updated on as well! There’s nothing quite as fun as a Disney food adventure. Our first stop will be Raglan Road, the Irish pub on the West side of Downtown Disney. Partially we’re just suckers for the performers with Irish accents, but I’m sure the food is delicious. (Everything is better while being serenaded by Irish men.)

And so I sign off with a quote from Disney Pixar’s UP: “Adventure is out there!”


* Disclaimer: I do not own the Hipster Mickey photo above, I found it on google. But it is ridiculously cute, is it not? If anyone knows who I can credit for the artwork, please let me know!


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