Just Beachy

Does anyone remember the little cartoon girl Eloise? She lives in the Plaza Hotel with her nanny and has adventures all around the hotel, causing trouble in such a charming way.


That’s exactly how I felt yesterday when the rain put a real damper on our Boardwalk plans. (See what I did there? Damper? Haha…) Instead of wandering up and down the boardwalk, the rain managed to rush my roommate and I indoors. We had, unfortunately, only brought one umbrella for the two of us, and it happened to be bent on the edges, making it virtually pointless to carry around.

So instead of wandering the Boardwalk with various Disney treats, we decided to explore the inside of Disney’s Yacht Club and Beach Club Resorts. It was utterly charming. I fell in love immediately. I’ve decided, if I ever get married, this place is on the top of my list.

The resorts are located across Crescent Lake, facing the Boardwalk. In a beautiful, nautical New England theme, they harken back to an era of families gathered around radios and primitive television sets.



Before exploring, however, we made a quick stop back at the Boardwalk Bakery for a light dinner. We ordered a roast beef sandwich served with a horseradish spread, tomato and lots of roast beef. For dessert, a napoleon with plenty of cream and topped with a chocolate covered strawberry.




And then it began to pour.

We decided to splash our way up and around Crescent Lake and past the ‘Friend Ships’ bound for Epcot.



We passed a few picturesque locations on our way…


m9-Nh9aVT9gXhxDgjMWjNeC4BuAzyEaG3Ig1cz2xbV0 (2)



I don’t know if I’ll ever get the chance to visit this lovely resort as a guest, but I’m certainly not finished with my Eloise adventure. The attention to detail here makes it easy to see why this is considered a deluxe, 4 star resort. It might just be another location for me to send my resume and dive into the hospitality and tourism industry!

Has anyone ever stayed here? If so, how was your experience? I’d love to learn more about this beautiful resort!


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