Magic At Work

You know that moment when something is wrong? Your heart clenches up and your head starts coming up with all these crazy scenarios that couldn’t possibly hold water, but you just can’t help it.

Horrible, right?

But then, if you’re lucky, there’s a moment of glorious relief when you realize things aren’t as bad as you thought they were. The rain stops, the clouds part and the sun shines and the birds chirp and you never want to take the lovely sights for granted ever again. You know that feeling? Utter relief.

I just went through that entire experience. The application for my dream job plummeted down the drain, and it was all my fault. They had sent me an email telling me, in short, I was not qualified for the job, and they hadn’t even read my grammatically perfect resume.

My heart stopped. There was a moment of utter panic–I’ve relocated my entire life to Orlando, how can I ever recover from this Disney disaster? What do I do now?–followed by a million questions starting with where do I apply next?

And then, just as the rainstorm started to ebb outside, my phone began quietly to buzz with a 407 area code.

I’ve lived here just long enough to recognize that’s an Orlando number. I picked up.

And oh, sweet relief! There could not have been a more lovely voice on the other end of the phone even if it had been an angel straight from heaven itself. What an answer to prayer.

It was someone from Casting! They requested a job interview and told me to kindly disregard the email I had been sent, it was a glitch in the system.

I now have an interview appointment for next week at the Casting Center. And as ridiculous as it sounds, I have always wanted to step inside that building. It’s on my bucket list. It’s like a secret magic factory where people walk in as ordinary folks and emerge dusted in pixie dust and customer service gold.


Okay, okay. I might be ever so slightly on the dramatic side today. But it’s as if I’ve recovered from a heart attack. I have a job interview! For my dream company! I’m living the dream!

And that deserves a slight bit of melodrama, don’t you think?


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