The Long Wait

Well, everyone, I’m finally getting somewhere with my life. One week from today I have my first Disney job interview! We had a Disney recruiter visit the school today, the same person I’ll be interviewing with later on. Apparently there are only fifty positions open for students, and roughly thirty are already filled.

If I haven’t elaborated already, this is for a seasonal position working the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. An utterly fantastic opportunity offered only to culinary students in Central Florida!

I am hoping like crazy I get a position. My posse of classmates all applied today and set up their interviews for several days after mine. To say we’re excited is an understatement.





We were all reminded about the recruiter and the Epcot applications by our lovely Career Services emailers. Most of the time my inbox is flooded with positions anywhere from Fulton’s Crab House to the Moroccan Pavilion in Epcot. Of course, I’m not experienced enough to take any of these Cook 1 or 2 positions, but entry level positions roll in every once in a while.

I just love that I’m getting notifications about job openings from Disney.

I mean really.



Anyway, keep your fingers crossed for me as I wait out the longest week of my life!


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