Let Me Count The Ways!

I’ve been living in Orlando for exactly a month and I am so grateful for each and every day! There are so many reasons I love it here, but I’ll just list my top 5 as not to bore anyone…

1. Disney World Road Signs

Not a day goes by I don’t pass an exit for the Disney Parks and Resorts. I’m living in Disney Paradise.


Photo found on Google


2. Massive Disney Sections in Walmart, Target and Walgreens

I know, I know. I can’t afford to buy any of these trinkets, but to walk into the local Walmart and be able to purchase park tickets? Wow! Just the novelty amazes me. Theoretically, were I not broke, I could buy my way into the Magic Kingdom from the grocery store. I could also collect all the adorable Disney t-shirts I see everywhere, which is a long-term goal I will one day accomplish.


3. Orlando Mornings

Something about waking up just as the world begins to stir and being able to walk outside right when everything is cool, before it heats up to the temperature of the surface of the sun, is so nice. The temperature is right, the sky is blue, the birds are singing. Picture perfect!



4. Traffic

Okay. Well, maybe not so much the traffic as much as the fact I get to use my car horn more often and drive like I’m in a fast-paced action film, bobbing and weaving between crazy drivers.


5. Farmer’s Markets

Everywhere I go, weekend farmer’s markets are advertised with consistency. From Winter Park to the parking lot across the street, fresh citrus and juicy mangoes are never far away and they’re fresh as can be.




I have so many more reasons to be grateful for living here in this humid pantheon of Disney Cast Members and magical road signs, but it would take me weeks to list them all. I guess in short all I’m trying to say is–I’m so glad I have the chance to be a local here in this tourist town!


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