The Best Six Dollar Sandwich Ever

I am officially a local here in Orlando, and I am here to pass on a nugget of advice to anyone in the area. If you want to try the world’s best sandwich, head to the Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney and pick up a Holiday Turkey sandwich. You’ll thank me later.


I got the tip to try it from a few Disney Cast Members. Apparently it used to be only a seasonal sandwich, but due to popular demand it was moved onto the menu permanently. qUKp0Jh7bnJS34N8ZV-gDONFM43RhPVQGPX-8nM8SBM

It is, in short, heaven on a hoagie.

Loaded with turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, mayonnaise and stuffing, this sandwich is absolutely delicious. It’s really a holiday on a bun. In the past two days, I’ve returned twice for this amazing lunch. For a six-dollar sandwich, there’s certainly nothing more delectable!

The line during the lunch hour is pretty long, but the wait is more than worth it!



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