Wonderful Wyoming

Wyoming. Ah, the land of nothing.

And I really do mean nothing, other than wind. Welcome to the wild, wild west. My homeland.

My driveway is 1/4 mile long, and my home sits of 50 acres of expansive prairie. “Neighbor” is a relative term around here. There’s at least half a mile between us and other families.

Growing up was fun in a place with nothing to do. We don’t really have night life here. It makes me appreciate the options Orlando has to offer, that’s for sure!

However, it’s nice to visit, especially on my nice cushy four-day weekend, thanks to the end of our first culinary module. Despite plane delays and highly awkward passenger situations, I made it home again.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go drink fresh well water and stare out over the prairie, feeling the wind in my hair and enjoying the 6,062 ft altitude. In case any of that interests you in the slightest, here’s a little ‘Home Away From Home: Wyoming Style’ photo collage to get you by.

IMG_0003 IMG_0013


I told my dog to pose, and he legitimately did.

IMG_0026 IMG_0016edit


I also have a brat of a housecat (or more properly, prairie-cat) that likes to make life difficult. He only manages by being cute.

IMG_0043 IMG_0049

IMG_0050 IMG_0051


This is the ‘lighting rod’ my nine-year-old brother constructed out of a tin can and a stick.


IMG_0058 IMG_0064


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