The Cutest Story Ever

The Ducotes!

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Once Upon A Time the couple that played Peter Pan and Wendy in Disneyland, California, fell in love and got married.

Just give it a moment, let all the cuteness and fairy dust sink in. Try and contain your enthusiasm. (I know. It’s hard.) Seriously though….how cute is that!?!?

Peter Pan! And Wendy! Got married!!

Talk about a great story to tell your children! And they look so happy to be together. Obviously they’ve long since left their face character jobs, but pictures will pop up on the internet of them Disneybounding and meeting characters and enjoying the Disney magic while spreading their own.

And I’m not the only one charmed by this story. They seem to have their own following of fangirls and lost boys. Spieling Peter, as he was nicknamed in his stint at the park, is quite arguably the best Peter Pan Disney has ever seen. If you think I’m kidding, type ‘Spieling Peter’ into the search bar on YouTube and watch the magic unfold! (And if you want to see the extent of his squealing fans, check out the comments at your own risk!)

If you’re interested in more of the awesomeness and a little Neverland culture, check out Andrew Ducote’s blog here:

Talk about a real-life fairytale!



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