Take Me To Neverland


I’m on a Peter Pan kick. I just finished reading the original (again) and it amazes me every time. Some of the most beautiful storytelling I’ve ever read!

Although I’ll admit, the history of the author is slightly more alarming. Many have compared him to Lewis Carol, minus the drugs. If you’re not interested in knowing the history, forget I said anything and enjoy the story! If you are curious, go ahead look him up–J. M. Barrie. (I won’t write it out here, just to keep from spoiling anyone’s beautiful vision of a literary mastermind. Although really, when you think about it, most authors are both disturbing and genius, so he’s not unusual.)

His finished work is unbelievable and so worth reading, especially if you haven’t ever read Peter Pan before! It’s a very short read, but you’ll lose yourself in Neverland just as quickly as the Darlings. I recommend it highly. The characters are loveable and the story is as intriguing as a childhood dream. It allows the reader to suspend reality and fly high above everyday life to fight pirates and journey to Mermaid Lagoon.

If you’re ready for an adventure, just follow the words of our rough-and-tumble protagonist: “Second star to the right and straight on till morning!”


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