The World’s Most Attractive Peter Pan: A Conspiracy

Peter Pan is arguably the most fun Face Character in the Disney parks. Everyone knows that.

Now, I’ve been living in Orlando for almost two months, and I still haven’t set foot in the parks. (I simply cannot afford it.) However, once I receive my Cast Member ID this weekend, I’ll be able to come and go as I please. So that’s the good news.

In the meanwhile, to get over the torture of living ten minutes from Disney without actually being able to enter the parks, I’ve gone over the photos from my first-ever trip to Disney World in July of last summer. It was, in short, amazing.

And the most memorable part was meeting Peter Pan.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, sit back and relax and enjoy the story of The World’s Most Attractive Peter Pan. Many have called it fiction, others claim it has been richly embellished. I understand all of these points of view, yet I insist that this event indeed did happen to me, and it is my favorite Disney story.

Now, Once Upon A Time in July of 2012, I was visiting Disney World on a trip to Orlando (my first trip, actually, to this lovely city) with my FCCLA Chapter. For the unenlightened, that’s Family, Career and Community Leaders of America, a school club focusing on Family and Consumer Sciences. They had a culinary team. I was chapter president. I know. I’m a nerd. But it was a big deal, okay?

Anyway. I digress.

My teammate and I had the day off. We were in Orlando to compete in the National FCCLA Convention and we had a week packed with obligations. Our day off, though, was made ever so magical by our very sweet advisor, who pulled a few strings to get us tickets to Disney World. (She knows me so very well.)

She even rented a car to drive us to the parks herself. (Sending several underage students alone to a theme park on various busses in a big city apparently didn’t sound like a very safe idea.)

Oh, it was magical! The bakery smells piped onto Main Street, the Mickey balloons soaring high over the heads of children, Cinderella Castle gleaming in the center of the hub.

We did all of the requisite things–we took pictures in front of the castle, ate Dole Whips and made it our mission to meet every possible princess. We only rode one ride–Space Mountain, which for me, was good enough. I’m not a thrill seeker.

Finally it was time to cross the biggest goal off the bucket list–meeting Peter Pan. We found him in Adventureland and jumped in line to meet him. Luckily for us, the line was very short, and the Character Handler closed the line after us. That’s right, we had the privilege of spending extra time with Peter Pan.

And not just any Peter Pan. This was a Peter that we would later refer to as The World’s Most Attractive Peter Pan. Because he was. He really was. We spent a good bit of time with this Peter, discussing all sorts of magical things to do on Neverland. But what really made the day special was Peter Pan…winking at me.

Now I know just as well as you do that face character Cast Members are not allowed to show any particular affection towards guests, which is why no one believes me on this story. But I can attest that it is all true. Peter Pan, before heading back to Neverland or the Utilidoors or the air-conditioned break room or wherever, winked at me. Let me rephrase that a little: The World’s Most Attractive Peter Pan winked at me.

Unfortunately, looking back on the pictures, it’s sad to say that my ghetto pink camera, now near six years old and not very quality to begin with, took fuzzy pictures. Peter’s lovely face is not as clear as it should be. If we’re being totally honest, it looks slightly higher than the quality of the Bigfoot sighting.

But no matter! I, like the Loch Ness Monster nuts, am determined to believe he exists. I haven’t seen him in any of the photos taken by Disney World regulars, and he doesn’t have any special following, like Spieling Peter did. Still, I know what I saw and will defend it until my dying day.

This particular Peter Pan is probably long gone by now, but that doesn’t really matter.

Here is my raw photographic evidence. Do with it what you will.





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