Magic Kingdom Top 10

I spent my day in the Magic Kingdom today, my fourth visit. It’s thrilling to finally be able to get into the parks, I can’t even begin to describe the chills it gives me.

Anyway, by now I’ve begun to assemble The List. The top ten most amazing things in the Magic Kingdom–the things highly recommended to do or see when on a trip to this magical place.

Let’s get started!

1. The Main Street/Castle Shot

Nothing like taking the quintessential picture on Main Street, colorful crowds in the background, Mickey balloons soaring high into the sky, the beautiful icon of Cinderella Castle standing tall. This is a must-take picture because it encompasses that first moment experiencing the parks full of beautiful sound, bakery scents and colorful sights.

2013-09-02 09.07.38

Plus there are Cast Members on hand to take your picture, both professionally and with your cell phone or personal camera. No one is left out of the picture and the first magical moment (before the sun kicks in, the humidity gets unbearable, the children drop their ice cream cones and people’s feet begin to hurt) will be remembered for years to come.


2. Push, the Talking Trash Can

My favorite resident of Tomorrowland, this adorable talking trash can has to be my favorite character. Push rolls around and swings his hinges, chatting up guests and entertaining everyone with this remarkable conversation skills. Who knew a mere trash can could be so amazing?

3. The Laugh Floor

Also located in Tomorrowland, the Laugh Floor features the Monsters Inc. crew in full comedic genius. It’s funny, interactive and the technology blows my mind. How can characters on a screen interact with the audience so well? How do their mouths move so convincingly? It’s also great to hear your own jokes told by the monsters–guests can text in their favorite joke and it may end up incorporated into the show!

Actually, this happened to me today. The monster announced a joke coming from, “Erin from Wyoming” and it actually made people laugh! That’s a first, when I tell it people just roll their eyes. Why do seagulls fly over the sea? If they flew over the bay they’d be bagels!

4. Dole Whips

Nothing beats a Dole Whip on a hot Florida afternoon. It’s not just pineapple soft-serve, it’s magic with a spoon.

2013-08-31 22.26.44

5. Pirates of the Caribbean

This ride is classic. I love that it was a ride that inspired a movie rather than the other way around. The audio-animatronic characters are realistic, the music is catchy and they must put something in the water to make it smell so good. Because seriously, water doesn’t smell like that anywhere else.

6. Wishes

You can’t skip the fireworks. They’re unbelievable. The music may or may not make you tear up a little and I can almost guarantee that even the most hard-hearted guest will believe in magic, if only for a fraction of the show.

7. Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party

The music is so catchy! The dancers are so great! There’s confetti shaped like Mickey Mouse! It doesn’t get better than that. Plus it appears throughout the day, so you can party all day long if you want to!

8. Trash Cans

Not Push, this time, but stationary trash cans. Just take a second to appreciate the amount of disposal areas in the park. Within a fifteen foot radius, you can spot at least six. Legend has it that you’re never further than 30 steps away from a trash can at Walt Disney World. So far, I’ve found it to be true!

9. Space Mountain

I’m not a roller coaster fan by any means, but I adore Space Mountain. Probably because I can’t see and anticipate the drops and turns! Also, it’s comforting to know you’re never going faster than 30 miles per hour, even though it feels like you’re traveling at the speed of light.

10. The Be Our Guest Restaurant

This was my first time trying out the Be Our Guest restaurant, and it highly exceeded expectations. While waiting outside in line, cold water and umbrellas were provided to shelter guests from the Florida sun. The interior was utterly flawless. The dining room was clean, polished and relaxed. Our food was delivered on carts, we were greeted with ‘Bonjour!’ and the food was amazing. All in all, it was absolutely astonishing. I recommend it to any and all people entering the Magic Kingdom–it’s incredible!

2013-09-02 11.04.33


As a Disney fanatic, I love everything about the parks and can spew off useless facts and trivia, so this list is only a fraction of the things I love. More lists will be on the way as I delve into the other theme and water parks throughout my new life here. If there’s anything you love about the Magic Kingdom, or any other park, please share in the comments! I’d love to hear from people and maybe try some new experiences!




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