So Help Me Mickey

As a newly hired Cast Member, there are things I am and am not allowed to divulge. I took an oath during my training today that forced me to raise my right and recite a promise, ending in, “So help me Mickey.”

Ah, the life of a Disney Cast Member.

Since I am a cook for the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival, I am in the process of receiving training specifically for the Epcot theme park. I’ve been shown the magnificent family network that creates all the magic, and could not be more thrilled. It’s the little things that count, like the Coca Cola vending machine with Cinderella’s Castle depicted on the front and the fellow Cast Members who welcomed us all with Disney smiles and two-finger pointed us in the right direction.

That’s a Disney thing that’s not so secret. I knew this fun tidbit before training, so I feel it is safe to divulge. To avoid offending international guests, Cast Members will never point with one finger. That’s rude. Instead, they use two fingers or gesture with the entire hand to send guests the right direction.

We were also quite specially initiated into the Epcot Disney family today, and I don’t think the smile will ever come off of my face. I understand that it’s the Cast Member’s job to magic for the guests, but I got the chance to feel the magic, too, and I’ll never forget it. It was all extra-awesome because up until this point, I’d never set foot in Epcot. This was all one big brand new experience.

2013-08-30 19.16.11

As part of our training, we were given the chance to ride Spaceship Earth, the ride inside the classic Epcot dome. Of course, just our luck, the ride stalled for several minutes halfway through. The ride attendants teased us, asking “What did you guys do to break the ride? What a great first day!”

During this time, suspended between the invention of the computer and modern technology, I got to know the girl beside me. She was mildly into the use of… herbal medication, we’ll say, and was therefore in a very spacy and honest mood.

This encounter was, first and foremost, one of the funniest things I’ve ever experienced. Other than that, it was a little discomforting to be stuck in a space pod in an enclosed ride with her. As we sat, she talked and laughed and, out of nowhere, pulled out a sandwich from her purse and ate lunch right then and there.

“This is great,” she said as the ride began to move. “I’m eating an [expletive] egg salad sandwich right now.”

Of all the things I’m going to remember about my first day at Epcot, this takes the cake. Perhaps it wasn’t what I expected, but it struck me as so funny I giggled all the way back down to earth.

I have a feeling I’m going to like this job, though. I have never been so excited about something before in my life. My fellow Cast Members keep teasing me throughout training–“Oh, look, Erin! Disney drinking fountains!” or “Look, Erin! Motivational posters!” because they know I’m ecstatic about everything, even the ridiculous tiny things. (“Oh, look, Erin! A break room with magical Disney chairs! I wonder if those are magical Disney bathrooms! Don’t forget to wash your hands in the magical sink!”)

Because to me, I could swear it’s not Florida tap water gushing out of the magical Disney bathroom faucets. No, to me, it’s pure pixie dust.



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