Epcot: My First Day In Photographs

After my park orientation yesterday I went home, changed, and turned straight back around to Epcot. I marched through those entrance gates armed with my incognito disguise–a baseball cap, some sunglasses and my camera. Yep, I was blending in with the wild tourists of Epcot–a cast member in disguise!

2013-09-07 15.21.42

I never noticed how odd it was to be a single guest wandering around the parks. Everyone is grouped up–couples, families, father-son duos, mother-child hand holders, elderly couples, newlyweds, friends, signifcant others… I was the only one on my own, awkwardly taking pictures and poking my nose in all the corners of the park.

Of course, with my hat and sunglasses, wandering around the World Showcase made me feel a bit like that child’s computer game, Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego? I enjoyed myself quite a bit. I could walk as fast or slow as I wanted and no one complained about their feet hurting. I reviewed all my facts about Epcot in my head, explaining them mentally to myself as I walked around. Notice how you don’t see any flags in the World Showcase? I quizzed myself. That’s because the architecture itself alerts you to what country your in. It’s immersive!

I stood under the big Spaceship Earth dome and studied the triangular panels. It’s self cleaning,I mentally monologued. It also sheilds those underneath it from the rain because of gutters that drain the water. It was originally supposed to be gold.

Actually, people are probably relieved I went alone my first time, I would have chatted the ears off of everyone who would listen.

Anyway, I made extra-sure to document my first impressions of the park I’ll soon call home. Here’s my day in photos!

2013-09-07 14.50.23

Ah, the trademark of Epcot. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s self-cleaning, and instead of allowing rain to drip down the way it would on a normal sphere, it has gutters that funnel off the rainwater so guests can safely stand beneath it.

2013-09-07 15.10.34

Epcot Internation Food and Wine Festival Coming Soon! These signs, along with the booths already set up for the festival, gave me the chills. I passed every single one thinking, “Will I be working in this booth? This one? That one?”

2013-09-07 15.11.43

One of the most unique International booths for Food and Wine. Of course, mostly I noticed how small it was… and began to wonder what exactly it is I’ve gotten myself into.

2013-09-07 15.27.08

Disney now offers Starbucks! Opening about a week ago, this awesome Disney/Starbucks collaboration in Epcot is absoutely perfect.

2013-09-07 15.30.44

I just love this sign. Fez house, found in the Morocco Pavilion.

2013-09-07 15.31.40

Nothing like meeting your favorite characters!

2013-09-07 15.32.18

A camel wearing a fez.

2013-09-07 16.51.48

I’m finally wearing the costume of my dreams! I’ll be cooking for the Mouse. How exciting is that!?


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