Please, Let’s Just Be Dashing and Fabulous

I’m kind of in one of those moods where I want to watch old films and drink black coffee and listen to Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald and pretend I’m tap dancing with Fred Astaire in the kitchen while I wait for the microwave. (I’m sure my neighbors are amused, because the window shades in our kitchen are always open and I never bother to shut them.)


It’s got me thinking: can’t we go back to the glamorous days where women wore skirts and bathing suits didn’t look like bras?


Back to the days when people played croquette and  families gathered around a newfangled television set together?d349e5666189e200906163a8b0558f89

When chic dinner parties were big and people didn’t realize smoking was toxic? (Well, okay, maybe not the smoking thing. Lung cancer is never glamorous.)


Old Hollywood. Classic glamour. Coiffed hair.


89f521d62297e72097456266308d771cBack when things were funny without being crude–yes, it’s possible! Lucille Ball manages to be clever, classy and one of the funniest people of all time. That’s quite a feat.


I long for the days when women wore pearls in the kitchen. Julia Child, I’m looking at you.


I think I belong in the era of the 50’s housewife. The era of Bewitched– uptown A-line skirts, elegant buttoning gloves and dashing winged eyeliner, and oh, the hair!


While I do my best to enjoy the twenty-first century to the fullest, I’m going to continue to watch the Dick Van Dyke Show and enjoy Audrey Hepburn flicks like chocolate. (Roman Holiday, anyone?)

There’s a good chance I was born in the wrong era. I long for the days without auto-tune, the days where Superbowl halftime shows were family-friendly. (I’m sorry, Beyoncé, you’re fierce and all, but really?!?)

So, if you happen to see someone walking down the streets of Orlando looking extra-dapper with swingin’ black heels and big Breakfast At Tiffany’s-style sunglasses, do me a favor and postpone your judgment. There’s nothing wrong with a little fifties flashback every once and while. Feel free to join me, I’d love a little high-class company!

And, speaking of, for anyone in the Orlando area who might be interested in Dapper Day, on September 21 I won’t be the only one dressed in a dashing flashback array–a gathering of classy ladies and gents in their best Disney attire will be meeting at Hollywood Studios for a swanky, high-class time.

Stay classy, ladies and gents, and have a lovely Monday!


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