I’m a people pleaser by nature. I have a tendency to avoid the word ‘No.’ Here is what I forget: No is complete sentence. It does not require justification.

I am allowed to say no.

Not only am I allowed…I should! Saying no is empowering!

Slightly less empowering but just as effective and sometimes much more gentle than just yelling “No!” and running off, here are a few more ways to tell people, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

1. It’s not a priority for me at this time.

2. Something has come up that really needs my attention.

3. My schedule is up in the air right now.

That doesn’t mean you should say no to everything, but it means you can. You don’t have to say yes to anyone because you feel bad.

I enjoy learning these fun things about how to not be a doormat. Look out, world, I’ve got the power! I can’t be stopped!






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