The One Thing I Need In My Dream Kitchen

There is one thing I need in my dream kitchen. It is featured in all my ‘Future Apartment Inspiration’ kitchens. (Thanks, Pinterest!)

From the Petrie kitchen on the Dick Van Dyke show to one tiny showroom in IKEA, this style is my absolute favorite. It has a classic, early American feel to it and it’s convenient and cute.

I’m talking about the hanging cups rack.

You can display your cute, vintage mugs as well as keep them organized! It’s space saving! It’s convenient! It’s adorable!


Why don’t more people have teacup hangers?

2013-09-07 20.04.51

Can’t you just picture it? Early mornings, taking a conveniently located mug to fill with fresh coffee while breakfast is cooking, humming a little Nat King Cole in the background…

Yep. My dream kitchen definitely has a hanging mug feature.

One day when it comes into style with force, you can say you heard it here first!



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