First Day!

It’s late at night and I’m so very exhausted after this ‘soft opening’ for the Food and Wine Festival (this official opening weekend slam might just do me in) but I just had to share a few of my experiences.

After being tossed on the grill station at Hops & Barley (“Are you the two o’clock replacement?” “Yes.” “Good, you’re making lobster. I’m going on break, good luck.”) things began to fall into place. I want to apologize for any hiccups as far as any of our dishes or plating went, this was a day to get all our mistakes out and taken care of. You wouldn’t believe the massive amount of work that goes into making this festival happen!

If anyone heard shouting out on the promenade near American Adventure, that was totally Hops & Barley. “Heeeey! We got a lobster roll, y’all!” “ROLLIN’, ROLLIN’, ROLLIN!” There is definitely marketplace rivalry, and we want to be loud and enthusiastic. (It is Disney, after all.)

This festival is going to be a ton of work on my end (and a blast on yours, if you go) but I have a feeling it’s going to be one of those life-changing experiences.

I’m gonna roll out and get some rest (that’s another marketplace cheer, lobster roll dishes are sent out with a cheerful, “ROLL OUT!”) but I hope to see your lovely faces at Food and Wine this year. Shout hello if you get the chance, I’d love to see a friendly face!


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