Putting the ‘Work’ In ‘Workout’

Today I was exiled from Poland.

Not the real Poland, of course, but the Food and Wine Festival Booth. And I wasn’t really exiled, I was relocated because there were literally too many cooks in the kitchen. (Have you seen how tiny they are? Yeah.)

I was taken backstage for the amount of prep the general public never catches on to, and the head chefs tossed me from place to place to place. I ended up as a food runner, or someone who helps stock the booths to keep them running.

I was running–literally, running– with my cart (which had beautiful wobbly wheels that spun like ballerinas on a tilt-a-whirl) all day. A ten and a half hour shift in the Florida sunshine. I sliced my hand open on who-knows-what, so I’ve got some wicked battle scars. I was lucky enough to be rescued by a former runner, who showed me the ropes, but I’m still scared to death of being assigned that position again. I’ll probably be assigned there tomorrow. Please pray for me.

But despite the insanity, there were a bunch of cool moments. I’m right smack in the middle of the learning curve, it’s going to take about two weeks to finally figure out what I’m up against. (“Grill stone? What the heck is a grill stone?” “Wait, where’s the prep kitchen again?” “How did I end up in Italy? I’m not even working Italy!”)

Some great moments of the day included my first Disney Point (“The bathrooms would be–” *perfectly executed Disney point with not one, but two, fingers* “that way, ma’am, on the left.”) Also, I’m figuring out how Epcot is run, and it’s amazing. I can pop in and out of various places, armed with my runner cart, and know right where I’m headed. Someone asked me where they could find Italy and without even thinking, I pointed them in the right direction. With two fingers, of course.

I’m going to have no reason to work out during the next 44 days, because this madness will have me toned in no time. Pushing wobbly carts laden with pounds and pounds of delectables up hills? Cranking open Conex boxes on my own? Lifting massive buckets that weigh more than I do? Oh, bring it on. I’m so ready for this.

Epcot Food and Wine Cast Members definitely¬†put the ‘work’ in ‘workout.’



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