Insider Scoop

Hello world! I apologize for my scattered posting, I hardly have time to breathe, let alone blog, but I figured I’d take some time to share with you a few insider tips for enjoying the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival!

Some of these you may have heard, but they can’t be emphasized enough. It gets busy at the festival, so you may want to keep them in mind if you ever decide to visit!

1. If you’re planning on paying for your entrees with a credit card, don’t! Rather than make a bunch of small purchases throughout the day (which can end up in a bank denying your card, it happens frequently after too many purchases in a short amount of time) make one big purchase. Buy a Food and Wine gift card and use that all day. It makes life easier for you and for us cast members!

2. Stake out your top booths! Don’t try and eat all the way around the world, you’ll end up full and overheated. Those lines are long! Pick your favorites and target them first.

3. Drink water! I know, I sound like your mother, but it gets to be at least 90 out there and people forget to hydrate. Especially if you’re ‘drinking around the world,’ it’s easy to think you’re getting enough fluids, but don’t forget to chug some water, too. Alcohol won’t keep you hydrated, even if it is a nice, cold refreshing apple pie drink from Poland.

4. Interact with the kiosk cast members! We’re working long, hot days to make sure everyone’s having a great time, and a lot of the kiosks have fun interactive chants that go along with each order. Engage the kiosk workers–it makes our day, and it makes yours a little more memorable!

5. Know when to get in line! Weekdays (really, Monday through Wednesday) are slow days at the festival. Lines are short, service is quick and there’s extra time to get to chat up the cast members. If you can manage to swing a weekday trip in, do it! You’ll have a much more pleasant experience, it’s far less crowded.

6. Get your food and drink fix before Illuminations. Generally kiosks close when the fireworks start, so make sure you’re all set to find a good viewing spot beforehand and get your snacks prior to the show.

7. Get your passport stamped! You don’t have to eat at a kiosk to get their stamp on your passport, and it’s a fun souvenir you can take home long after the festival is over.

8. Take pictures. The food, your favorite booth, the menu, your kids by the Spaceship Earth dome all decked out for food and wine. Each year is unique, and each experience is different. You’ll only regret the pictures you don’t take.

9. Have fun. I know, it sounds like a dumb rule, right? But it gets hot and crowded and sometimes the booths are running slow, you’re hungry and impatient and things don’t always go as planned. This is a once in a lifetime experience–there will never again be an eighteenth annual food and wine festival. Enjoy every hot, hungry minute of it! If you need someone to brighten your day (maybe you spilled your drink or dropped your pretzel roll) talk to one of the cast members. Our job is to make your trip memorable and magical. (We’ll replace that spilled drink! We’ll point you towards Italy! We’ll compliment your sparkly Minnie ears!)

There are only 46 total days of this experience. Enjoy every moment!


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