Mental Health Day

Being a full-time student and having a time-consuming job can be difficult. It can mean I don’t get much free time.

But in this case, that’s okay. Because my days off consist of some amazing and magical times. Recently, I’ve done a little Food and Wining of my own. I went to Food and Wine for the first time as a guest yesterday! I snapped a few pictures of my closest Food and Wine buddies working hard in that Florida heat–if you see them, smile and wave, because they’re some of the coolest people out there and if you ask for extra whipped cream on your waffles, chances are really high you’ll get some, maybe even in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

Also, they’re easy to identify. One thing I love about being a Cast Member is that anyone can see your name on your nifty little nametag–it makes things clear and personable for both guests and Cast Members.

(Although I will admit going to the parks as a guest was hard, because you can’t just call little girls ‘princess’ without your Disney nametag on–it’s not magical, it’s really creepy and parents will hide their children from you.)

IMG_0200 (2)

Two of my favorite Food and Wine buddies, Travis and Nafis, making Belgian Waffles all day long!

IMG_0206 (2)

The backstage entrance I take almost every day to deliver food on my running days. I will never forget this lovely area. Never ever.

IMG_0215 (2)

Bringing the Illuminations globe out past Italy!

IMG_0223 (2)

They put Mickey Mouse ears on my Starbucks! I just love it!

IMG_0229 (2)

My culinary school and Cast Member pal Mike, working Brazil. Pork belly, anyone?

IMG_0234 (2)

My darling friend Dolly, having a little too much fun on the job. (Check out her blog by clicking on the picture, it’s all sorts of adorable!)

IMG_0251 (2)

A little love from Argentina with these lovely Cast Members!


A “hello!” from New Zealand!


And last but not least, the friendly faces of Poland!

After being a guest at the parks, I can throw out a few food recommendations. I’d say definitely hit up the lamb meatballs in New Zealand.  The Brazilian pork belly is delicious and a must-try, as is the Mongolian Beef in China. And the kimchi dog is worth the hype in South Korea! The chocolate pudding in Ireland is hands down my favorite dessert.The escargot in France is amazing, and the ravioli in Italy is fantastic.

I didn’t bring up Belgium, but they’re an honorable mention. I love waffles, and I love working in Belgium, it’s my favorite kiosk! I’m very much biased when it comes to the waffles here, the braised beef and potato leek waffle is amazing and the berry waffle is… (wait for it) … berry delicious!

Sorry. I couldn’t resist the pun!


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