This Is The Dream

So by now I’m pretty sure I’ve shared what a long, hard job being a Food and Wine Cast Member is. Sometimes I think I shouldn’t be driving home after a ten hour day because I’m so tired I make bad traffic decisions.

But despite the fact it is a long and often dirty job, it is so much fun! I’ve made friends with some incredible Cast Members and I’m loving this experience. I love interacting with the Guests that have come from all over the globe.

At the end of the night, the closing shift Cast Members have a post-meal meeting where we sum up the day and prep for the next. Because last Saturday an all-time Food and Wine record was broken for highest grossing day in Food and Wine history (oh yeah!) we were provided with free popsicles.

Let me just say, there is nothing quite as refreshing as a Mickey ice cream bar after spending ten hours in the Florida sun stuck behind a grill.

As we all got the chance to catch up and eat our frozen treats and laugh the day off, I realized just how lucky I am. This festival is relatively short. This will never happen again–it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, to work with this team and get this amazing chance to be a part of it.

I get teased for being so young all the time. The second I mention I’m only eighteen, the room floods with exclamations of, “Oh! You’re just a baby!”

I’d much rather be starting here so young than just reaching this point in my thirties, forties or even fifties, like some of my fellow workers. I’m amazed I’ve done so well this far–I’m still standing! I haven’t given up, been chewed out by my superiors or failed big time yet. I’m keeping my head above water and I’m having a good time while I’m here.

This is the biggest learning experience I’ve ever encountered (keeping in mind that, like my partner in Florida Local brought up last night, I’ve never even voted in a presidential election.) Sure, I’m young. And this is hard. But it’s an amazing experience and I am so very fortunate to be a part of it.

Especially when we get free popsicles after work.

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