Two Weeks To Go

Remember all those ages ago when I was panicking because I wanted to get this Food and Wine job so badly?

It feels like absolute decades ago. In reality, it was only about five or six weeks ago, but a lot has changed within that time. I’ve gotten my transfer within the company, meaning I have a permanent job somewhere within Disney once the Festival is over. I’ll keep you updated on that, since things are still up in the air.

Last night as the chefs walked our kiosks, meaning they inspect each one at the end of the night to ensure the booths are ready to close, they gave us instructions for cleaning up on the last day.

Which is in just over two weeks.

Can you believe it?

Now in my personal opinion, the Food and Wine Festival in general is too long. A festival is a special event, it shouldn’t take up two months. But I’ve learned to love my job and I’m already feeling a little nostalgic.

My first job is nearly over!

I thought I was going to die that first week. I couldn’t walk, my feet were so horribly blistered and everything hurt. It was so hot I swear I was melting. (You think it gets hot as a guest out there? Try being dressed in a full chef uniform in all that heat.)

I wanted to cry. Or give up. And a lot of people did! But with the help of caffeine, phone calls with my mother (you’re never too old to call Mom, right?) and sheer willpower, things began to make sense and fall into place. Now the festival has become familiar to me. I know how to work the phones and where to find the first hotbox. I know my way around the Beirgarten kitchen. I can stack buckets like a pro. I can whip out twenty brats in less than two minutes. If you ask me where the nearest smoking section is, I can two-finger point you in the right direction like no one’s business.

I love Epcot. Almost everything about it, actually, except the slow-moving busses at the end of the night and the parking lot that I have to trudge to in order to find my car in the very back row.

My transfer, however, will place me in the Magic Kingdom, and I’ll have to bid Epcot a momentary farewell. I have no doubt I’ll be back.

I still have two weeks and the Wine and Dine Half Marathon to work through, though, before I start getting prematurely nostalgic. Wine and Dine is a long night for everyone since the booths stay open until wee hours of the morning for runners coming through. We work through four in the morning. And it coincides with my finals week for school, which just adds to the fun.

But I am determined to finish strong here at Food and Wine. I love the people I’ve met and the things I’ve learned, and I’m ready to cram even more experience into my last two weeks.

This experience is long and exhausting. But it is absolutely, without a doubt, magical.


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