If The Engagement Ring Fits…

Ah, class presentation day. Nothing like it. Everyone stands up and awkwardly rushes through several minutes of pseudo-professional chatter and everyone claps while secretly texting behind their book bags.

That was pretty much how my day went. Student after student gave meaningless speeches full of ‘ums’ and ‘likes’ and we all pretended to be interested in their topics. At least, that’s how the majority of the day went.

But there was one standout student, and his presentation left me in tears.

It was a proposal story.


Ladies, curl up with a blanket and some hot chocolate and a box of Kleenex. Men, take notes.

This student, we’ll call him Steve, put a lot of thought into his engagement. I’ll paraphrase it here.

He began by talking to us about his fiancée, Amelia. His words practically glowed with admiration, it was enough to make all the girls in the room a little sentimental. Amelia was a theater major who was “always animated and energetic and fun loving” and, very importantly, in love with Disney.

For a very long time, Amelia had wanted a pair of shoes that she called her ‘engagement shoes,’ and she always planned on wearing them on her engagement day.

On the blessed day, Steve and Amelia went to Magic Kingdom, followed discreetly by a photographer Steve had hired to capture the event. First ones in the park, they made a beeline for Starbucks and then Cinderella’s Castle, where a Cast Member was waiting to hand Amelia…her engagement shoes.

Steve had set up a scavenger hunt around the park, taking them through all the rides. The scavenger hunt finished on the dock in front of the Polynesian, where he got down on one knee and proposed to ‘the love of his life,’ the woman he’d known he was going to marry ‘since the moment he met her.’

The rest of their families walked onto the dock to surprise and congratulate them all, and they all went and had a grand family dinner afterwards. And Amelia finally got to wear both a big sparkly ring and her dream engagement shoes.

It was, as Steven put it, “The most magical day at Disney either of them could have ever imagined, because it was just the beginning of their new life together.”

Of course, the way Steve told the story to the class was so enthusiastic (it only happened last week!) that the professor was dabbing away tears and all the girls in the room were staring at him as if he’d personally hung the moon.

He got a standing ovation from our class.

That did get me thinking, though, that I should share with you my all-time favorite Disney proposal. If you do a YouTube search for Disney proposals, you’ll find a plethora that will make any woman’s heart melt. But this one tops them all–better than the man who proposed in Cinderella’s Castle Suite, better than the guy who got his girl a legit glass slipper.

Single men, take notes!


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