My Four Monthaversary!

It’s my four monthaversary of living in Orlando! It’s only been a little over a hundred days since I moved from The Middle of Nowhere Wyoming to the biggest tourist destination in the US. So much has happened in the past four months. It feels like years.

When I first moved down here to Orlando, my life consisted of adjusting to roommates, spending insane amounts of time at Starbucks and the entirety of my gas tank as well as my wallet at Downtown Disney.

I then stumbled across a job interview for Epcot Food and Wine, which scared the daylights out of me. It feels like years ago I was picking out my interview outfit for my trip to Casting. (Those heels were magic. They were instrumental to my getting the job; I am a firm believer in their power.)

Somehow I landed the job and had to play the waiting game for a month as I watched every episode of Bones in order and obsessively checked my email for information about my training.

Once the job started, however, I thought I was going to absolutely die. The first week of the festival was the hardest week of my life. I wanted to quit. It was hot. And really difficult.

And then things got better. I discovered one day that… I liked my job. A lot. And I liked the people. No, I loved the people! The experience was unforgettable.

And now, here I am, living in my own apartment, commuting daily to the Magic Kingdom at my new location.

These seasons keep changing so fast, this whole culinary school experience will be over before I know it. This has got to be the most magical college experience ever.

I can’t wait to see how things work out between now and graduation. This is one big learning experience, and I’m loving every second.



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