LIghting the Way to Liberty

LIghting the Way to Liberty

Out of the Magic Kingdom in its entirety, and out of the many things I adore about it, one quiet, simple, often overlooked detail will forever remain my favorite touch.

The lanterns hung from the Liberty Tree in Liberty Square. There are thirteen, one for each of the original colonies hung from the branches of the Liberty Tree. Fun fact: each lantern is composed of bits from their respective colonies, so each lantern is authentic. They literally come from each specific location.

The Liberty Tree is often overlooked, but those who take the time to give it a good glance will be well rewarded. It’s beautiful! And it has a rich history, which can be summed up by the lovely plaque at its base–essentially, Liberty Trees were meeting places, each copying the original Liberty Tree in Boston, so called by the patriots in 1765 known as the “Sons of Liberty.” They would gather beneath its limbs to protest the imposition of the Stamp Act. Throughout the early years of the revolution, Liberty Trees were what appeared to be casual meeting places for many other “Sons of Liberty.”

The thirteen victory lanterns hung in the branches of the 100 year old tree at Disney World are a reminder of our history, and they’re a quietly beautiful sight.

For being the smallest land at the Magic Kingdom, Liberty Square is amazingly detailed!


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