A Snowy Celebration

Once Upon A Time….

…. in a snowy and freezing kingdom in the middle of Wyoming, a desperate future culinary student spent her winter nights curled up researching life in the magical, Disney-centered town of Celebration, Florida.

It sounded like a magical place. It was located on Disney land, purchased by Walt himself. There were Sunday farmer’s markets and a direct route to Disney. Magical!

And what was this? Snow at Christmas? Intrigued, she researched further. Apparently in this happy little Disney suburb, it snowed nightly during December with soapflake snow. What did that look like? How was that… possible?

She wrote down on her bucket list, watch the snow in Celebration, FL.

A little over a year later, the same culinary student set up her Christmas tree and wrapped her Christmas presents just blocks away from the magical snowing street in Celebration. She was in the Christmas mood, listening to loud carols and sipping eggnog lattes.

“You know what?” she said out loud to herself. “I’m going to go watch the snow on Market Street.”

With a big black marker, she crossed see the snow in Celebration, FL, right off her bucket list.

Because dreams really do come true.








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