Edibly Stunning

Edibly Stunning

There are many words chefs use to describe utterly phenomenally beautiful food. Some I can’t really say on a family-friendly blog. But when there are people with a really deep passion for food, it’s unbelievable what they can come up with.

For example, this dish is entitled Fish in Herbs. It entails American red snapper in an hoja santa veil with a four herb sauce (hoja santa, cilantro, parsley, epazote), creamy celery root, tequila-poached radishes, and herb shoots.

Inventive. Gorgeous. I just love to look at it.

This photo is from Rick Bayless’s Facebook page, which you can find by clicking on the photo. If you’ve got a minute, check it out–this food is so stunning it will make you want to cry. And eat!

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