How To Not Let People Kill Your Dreams

Do you ever wish your future self would appear time to time and let you know whether or not you’re on the right track in life?

I mean, I’ve heard it said that if your future self doesn’t travel back in time to stop you from doing something, how bad could it be? But I wish that theory would work in reverse–I want my future self to pop in time to time and say, “No, Erin, don’t get those bangs. That is a bad idea for your face shape and will have a ripple effect on how people perceive you. They will look at you like you’re an oversized Russian Nesting Doll.”

See, I’m facing some obnoxious things that the real world likes to call obstacles.Or problems. Or maybe just responsibilities.

When I pictured moving here, I imagined everything working out perfectly, any obstacles would somehow solve themselves and I would end up serendipitously where I needed to be.


Here’s what I didn’t expect: Cynicism.

Which really doesn’t suit me. (Much like the bangs I’ve been contemplating. Should I risk looking less like Zoey Dechanel and more like a round- faced Russian doll…?)

I fairly floated down from Wyoming to Florida on a magic bubble of hopes and dreams, most of which have come true. But I’m encountering lots of people with very sharp pins who are more than willing to stab those lovely little dreams and pop them like Mickey-shaped balloons on Main Street.

So how do you combat miserably negative things that want to drag you down and keep you from living your dreams? Well, there are several things you can do.

1) You can give yourself a mirror pep talk. You know the kind I’m talking about.

2) You can listen to inspiring music, whatever happens to be your jam. Mine happens to be mostly inspiring Disney songs that I can sing Broadway-style. (Seriously. Just try it. If that doesn’t pep you up, I don’t know what will.)

Seize The Day from Newsies

Let It Go from Frozen

Life’s A Happy Song from the Muppets

Go The Distance from Hercules

We Belong Together from Toy Story 3

Anything Can Happen from the Mary Poppins Broadway show

Positoovity from the Little Mermaid on Broadway

(If you have Spotify, give these tunes a listen on the Seize The Day playlist!)

3) You can go to Starbucks and order a venti size of your favorite drink and ignore the fact you’re drinking your weight in peppermint mochas while contemplating your next move.

4) You can get inspired with many lovely quotes.

*More inspiration on #inspiration #life #quote

*Always Believe


But most of all?

You have to realize that your dreams are given to you for a reason. You have to be able to go out there and put them to good use! And you simply cannot let anyone tell you anything different.

strive for this!


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