Mickey Goggles

Who would have thought three conjoined circles could be such a well-known, marketable figurehead?

untitled (3)

Since I’ve begun working at Disney, I’ve been seeing Mickey heads everywhere. And not just because I live in Orlando, where Disney pretty much owns Central Florida. I mean, I see Mickey everywhere. In unmarketable locations. On the street. In the clouds.

Is this a Cast Member thing? Is it just me?

My first day off of training at Columbia Harbour House I was required to fry large batches of chips in the fryer. I was dumping a basket of fresh, crispy chips into a container when one of the coordinators walked by.

“Oh, look!” he said. “It’s Mickey!”

He pulled out a chip in the perfect shape of the classic Mickey head.

“You must be really good at this,” he joked.

“This is the most magical place on earth,” I responded and laughed it off.

But a few weeks later, as I filled holiday cocoa cups with marshmallows for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, I noticed something magical and unusual. The mini marshmallows would stick together, fused seamlessly in the shape of a hidden Mickey. The guests would never see it once dissolved into the cocoa, but it made me grin nonetheless.

Of course, I studied the marshmallow package carefully in case the supplying company did it on purpose, but it was a brand-name company, just bags of marshmallows that happened to end up in the right place at the right time. Every bag had a few of these magically fused marshmallows. All of us cocoa-fillers would hold them up with a comment and a grin each time we stumbled across one.

New marketing idea? I think so. Disney, get on that.

Of course, perhaps its just a byproduct of working at Disney that these serendipitous things happen. I was adding chickpeas to the food processor to make the homemade hummus at Harbour House and as I set down the empty container, I caught a glimpse of three lonely chickpeas that had been left behind.

Of course, these cute little garbanzo beans had landed in the shape of… Mickey’s head. I couldn’t help but smile.

Either I’m seeing things, or Disney just has a special kind of gravity that forces three circular shapes to conjoin.

All this Hidden Mickey magic must be rubbing off on me. Now that the holidays are over, school is back in session for me, and I’ve just begun my Baking and Pastry unit. We were experimenting with caramel sugar pieces the other day, and I decided to make my own magic.

2014-01-09 10.31.46

Ta- da!

My first sugar sculpture piece!

Magical, is it not?


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