Looking For A Sign?

Sometimes I need a good hearty dose of motivation.


(Because as awesome as it is to be living my dream, it doesn’t always go as planned, and its easy to get discouraged.) I don’t think I’m the only one.


So here it is: a good strong cocktail of inspiring quotes and songs to send you to the gym, out of the house or maybe even off to work. (I feel ya.)


Tape them to your mirror! Set them as your phone background! Do whatever it takes to make it–whatever your ‘it’ is– happen!

  Listen to empowering 80’s power ballads.

* You’re The Voice – John Farnham

* We’re Not Gonna Take It – Twisted Sister

* Express Yourself – Madonna

f2e14dd3d7dbb4aea29f362d5e7bd2faOr listen to happy, motivational songs!

The Best Day of My Life – American Authors

How The Day Sounds – Greg Lasswell

Waterloo – Abba


And if all else fails, watch this video:



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