Fish Fans

My restaurant sometimes gets a bad rap. It’s true.

I call it ‘my restaurant’ because I feel a tad bit attached, but it’s not really my restaurant. It’s Disney’s. I just work there. But I feel partially responsible for the product that leaves the kitchen, so I feel like I can just casually fling around the term.

Anyway, here’s what I love: Pinterest.

So when I scrolled happily past a review on Columbia Harbour House, I let out a happy Disney gasp and beamed at my computer screen.

People don’t know about Columbia Harbour House. It’s the stepchild of Magic Kingdom restaurants. Cosmic Ray’s takes all the credit, as does Pinnochio’s Village Hause.

But either way, I was more than pleased to see this darling little review on my place of employment. Yes, CHH smells like fish. (Because we’re the only place in Magic Kingdom to sell fish.) But we have healthy food and vegetarian options alongside our fried goodness, and I’ll agree with these Disney blog hipsters: we have a great theme.

(My front-of-house Cast Member friends will even welcome you aboard with an ‘ahoy!’ And fun behind the scenes fact–there’s a pre-meal meeting prior to opening each day in which we all shout “AHOY!” or “ANCHORS AWEIGH!”  before all of us shipmates get to work swabbing the decks and making your grilled salmon. This is Disney after all. But I digress.)

Anyway. Care to learn more about my nautical corner of Liberty Square? Of course you do! Follow this link!

Also, there’s a lovely link here to make a Lighthouse Sandwich at home. Without divulging any big Disney secrets, this recipe is right on target! (Although you really can’t beat a good Lighthouse Sandwich straight from Harbour House itself. I think it’s the magic of the homemade hummus. And trust me, I make that stuff on a daily basis and still can’t get enough.)

Anchors Aweigh, shipmates!


2 thoughts on “Fish Fans

  1. Thanks so much for linking to my blog post! I love Columbia Harbor House when we ate there and I’ve recreated the Lighthouse Sandwich several times since. My daughter and I are looking forward to spending a day at the MK in May, taking the Keys to the Kingdom Tour and eating lunch at CHH again. Maybe we’ll see you!

    • I loved your blog post! It was great that I happened to stumble across it, I enjoyed it immensely! I love that you recreated the Lighthouse Sandwich at home, and you did a spot-on job. Maybe I’ll see you around the Magic Kingdom sometime! :)

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