Have Truffles, Will Travel

I am once again back in my favorite place to blog: the airport. I love MCO for the sheer fact it lets me connect my Wi-Fi free of charge, and that’s important while I wait for my boarding group. (Literally, I am the last row the plane. So it’s gonna be a long wait.)

Here’s what I love about sitting at the Orlando airport: I get to listen to guests talk about Disney and no one knows I’m like an undercover Cast Member gathering intel. I’m greatly entertained by families talking about what I see every day. I’m not necessarily immune to Disney magic, but I’m less apt to see it as…well, magical. I see it as more…manufactured. When I’m working that is. Give me a day off and I’m more entertained than the guests, and I suspend literally all sense of reality for pixie dust.

Anyway, so far I’ve heard people discussing wait times in lines, the love of Space Mountain and what it was like to meet Belle. All greatly Disneyfied experiences.

I love traveling on my own, it gives me a chance to meet the craziest people. I got to chat with a security guard about culinary school because my baguettes went through the scanner (a lot of baguettes, as well as homemade truffles) and raised an eyebrow.

Here’s the good news: baguettes can get through security. Thumbs up.

I asked my Chef Instructor about how well my truffles would travel, and he said as long as I packed them lightly they should be fine. Yep, I’m going to surprise my family back home with hand-rolled truffles. Talk about awesome Valentines Day chocolates.

(Want to make your own? Add two parts chocolate to one part hot cream and stir to combine. Let sit until firm, pipe into small vaguely-round shapes and chill until they can be rolled into circles. Coat in coating chocolate–the kind sold at Walmart for two bucks works just fine and comes in a variety of colors–and roll in chopped nuts, chocolate sprinkles, cocoa powder, cookie crumbs, etc.)

I’m glad the truffles made it through, honestly, I was a little worried. But they cleared security like champs! Mine are rolled in pecans and cocoa powder, but I love the way a good toasted pistachio coating looks against dark chocolate. Unfortunately in class we had a bad batch of pistachios (meal worm infestation, gross) so I couldn’t use them. Some students apparently didn’t notice the ‘Do Not Use’ label and used it anyway, which resulted in them having to throw out their truffles (or get extra protein, depending on how you see it).

Anyway, I’m about to board, truffles in tow.

Adios, muchachos! I’m sure I’ll be airport blogging again soon.



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