Faith, Trust and the Pixie on my Bus

Story time! Here is a real deal Disney World Cast Member magical moment.

I got on the Westclock bus for work this morning and sat down next to a guy in a rainbow beanie hat. A girl walked onto the bus and sat on his other side, and it wasn’t just any girl. It was Tinker Bell, in the flesh.

“I cannot believe you went rainbow sliding without me!” she exclaimed without prologue.

“I…wait, what?” The guy looked confused.

“You know!” Tink waved her arms around. “You start on one cloud and slide down the rainbow to the other side! If you do it while it’s wet, the colors sometimes stick to you.” She motioned to his hat.

Recognition lit his expression. “Ohhhh,” he said. “Sorry.”

“Jingles!” Tinker Bell responded indignantly. “Typical Sparrowman.”

There was a beat of silence. Then,”I feel like Tinker Bell just gave me a tongue lashing,” the rainbow hat guy joked to the bus at large.

“I can still HEAR you,” Tinker Bell said, crossing her arms.

The bus stopped with a jolt and everyone, totally enthralled by the exchange, began to recall the fact they were off to work and needed to disembark.

“Fly with you later!” Tinker Bell beamed, waving at the bus. She grinned at the bus driver and added, “Have a Flitterific day!”

Guys, I could practically feel the pixie dust swirl out the door.

Not a typical sight for a morning commute, but a magical everyday Disney occurrence! This really is the place where dreams come true.


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