Ten Second Transport to Downtown Disney

As I type, I’m waiting on a friend for a lunch date at Downtown Disney’s Earl of Sandwich. It’s my day off (yay!) and it’s a stunningly gorgeous day out–75 degrees and hardly humid. The perfect day.

Vacationing guests are milling about, hardly in a hurry to do anything but find somewhere to stop for ice cream.

A woman sings along with her daughter to The Little Mermaid playing over the speakers.

Families pose in front of the large Frozen window display, arms posed like Elsa, as if ready to blast icy crystals of magic into the perfectly sunny Florida weather.

Eating a soft pretzel as I mill about (ignoring the orange plastic Wetzels Pretzels passes off as “cheese”) I pass the construction area near the World of Disney store. The door is open, revealing lots of dirt, cement and men in hard hats. Months from now, Starbucks will stand in its place. Score!

I pass the T-Rex restaurant where the giant fish tank gave new meaning to the term “Disney Springs” a few days ago. The infamous leaking fish tank is big news in the Cast Member circle, for reasons not entirely clear to me.

In short, today is slow and relaxed, peaceful and sunny.

Elton John serenades the guests over the speakers with the reverberating sounds of The Circle of Life as a child drops his ice cream… and is immediately handed another, free of charge.

Even if your Wednesday isn’t as pixie dusted with good Florida sunshine, I hope at least it comes close! Have a magical day!


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