Frozen: Is It Time To Let It Go?

Frozen has completely taken over the world. Anna and Elsa are household names. Frozen has glided to the top of the ‘Best Disney Movies Ever’ list and stayed there, frozen in place. (See what I did there?)


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Social networking sites have launched complicated theories of all kinds: the King was designed to look like Walt Disney! Else is a symbol for depression! Rapunzel is Anna and Elsa’s cousin! The shipwreck from the Little Mermaid is the sunken ship where the King and Queen died!


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One of the more complicated theories states that although the ship bearing the King and Queen sunk, they escaped onto an island and had another child, Tarzan, before dying at the hands of a tiger. So that would mean Tarzan and Anna and Elsa are…siblings? The theories are piling up, and YouTube is about to explode into frozen fractals all around as fan after fan uploads videos covering, “Let It Go.” (The best Let It Go video I have ever found is here.) I heard that song on the radio yesterday. The real actual Today’s Hits radio station in Orlando was playing Let It Go.


Now as darling as the movie is, where is all the hype coming from? It’s not dying down. In fact, it appears to be growing. A Broadway production is in the works. Disney parks are selling out of Frozen merchandise faster than anyone thought possible. (And this I know from a Cast Member friend who works in the merchandise warehouses.)


I walk into Magic Kingdom or stroll down the Boardwalk and no longer do I see little Snow Whites and Cinderellas twirling their skirts. No, I see more Anna and Elsas than anything. The sisters have positively exploded into Disney frenzy, beaming from their own float in the new Festival of Fantasy Parade, waving at adoring crowds. (Side note: best parade ever invented.)


Now as some of you may be aware, Anna and Elsa’s meet-and-greets happened at Epcot in the Norway pavilion, which I though was brilliant, bringing the crowds to Epcot (where few dare venture on their vacation because its viewed as less kid-oriented. Which is not true. But I digress.) However, as of Easter Sunday, Anna and Elsa will be premiering at Magic Kingdom. They may as well just move into Cinderella Castle–add some ice crystals and rename this place Arendelle, am I right? Not only that, the Fastpass Plus to meet Anna and Elsa is filled up and sold out until June. June!



Photo found via Pinterest.


I love Frozen as much as the next Disneyhead, but can someone explain where the madness is stemming from? I adored the movie, and I’ll sing Love Is An Open Door with my Cast Members in the kitchen all day long. In fact, I’ll burst into random spouts of, “Let It Go!” when the situation is begging for it.

Someone: “It’s not a big deal! Will you please just let it go?”

*Me, poking my head around the corner.*

“Did someone say… let it go?”

Them: Oh, no.


Still, I think the extent to which it has exploded is unbelievable. Yes, it’s catchy. It teaches girls that sometimes its not about being kissed by a prince. And Olaf is the best sidekick invented since the seven dwarves. But why is this avalanche of Frozen madness only gaining traction? Can someone explain? Or maybe I should just… …let it go.


2 thoughts on “Frozen: Is It Time To Let It Go?

  1. Interesting article. I think it’s very important to remember how many different types of people Frozen appeals to. Frozen does not just tug on the heartstrings of Disney fans- Broadway lovers who want to see Idina and Jonathan rock the big screen, animation junkies who crave the intricate details put into Frozen, and basically EVERYONE on the internet who’s heard of Let it Go. Also, let’s not forget that the more time goes on, the more Disney seems to be pushing this craze- just when you think it’s over, the DVD gets released and Anna and Elsa have all new merch on the shelves. Not that I mind. I mean, Frozen WAS pretty good :)

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