My Mom Reads My Blog… and Other Musings For A Thursday

Yesterday, something incredible happened.

For you, it may not seem that incredible. (For most of you successful, professional bloggers out there, I tip my hat to you.) But, yesterday, I reached 100 followers on this blog. The Wishin’ Kitchen has one hundred people who have browsed the nonsensical ramblings of my chatty mind.

I can’t believe it!

"Thank you a thousand times!"  Credit:

“Thank you a thousand times!”

By nature, I love academic writing. I love essays and book reports and English was my top class in school. So this kind of informal writing, where I mostly just share what has been happening or some other nonsense, has just been one giant experiment.

In Orlando, there are Bright House Network billboards that advertise wifi with a slogan, “Hello, coffee shop bloggers!” and I just grin, because they’ve targeted me. I’m a coffee shop blogger. Hello to you too!

How strange is it that I can have one wayward tangled thought work its way out of my head and into my fingers, bleeding out onto a keyboard, released into the cyberspace that is the internet and someone, somewhere, happens to stumble across it and take the time to read it. Not only that, take the time to like it. Or comment on it.




I feel like an alchemist. I have turned my thoughts into words, and they have been seen by the world.

I don’t know, I think that’s pretty fantastic.

Of course, one of those readers is my mom (hi, mom!) who will call me to tell me she liked something I just blogged about. (“I told your father, come read this! This is great!”) And one of those followers is a childhood bestie who will one day become a fabulous journalist/world traveler/ overall classy lady. (She’s one of those people I classify wholeheartedly as ‘witty,’ and if you don’t believe me, just read for yourself here!)

But other than those two, I am proud to say, hello WordPress world of strangers! Thank you for even glancing at my ramblings. I didn’t think anyone out there in the void was listening! And yet… there are 100 of you.

A whole hundred.

Source credit:

Source credit:

I’m going to celebrate with a latte.


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