The Leibster Award, Take Two!

Exciting things keep happening! Like… the Leibster Award, take two! The darling @heart has nominated me for a Leibster Award. Fun and exciting stuff! (She also linked to the best set of rules for the Leibster Award here, in case you’re interested.)


Quick overview: The Leibster Awards are a Pay-It-Forward kind of blogging award given to upstarting blogs with generally less than a thousand followers. It requires the nominee to answer a series of questions, then pass on their own to  blogs they think deserve the Leibster Award.

So, what were the questions posed to me? I’m glad you asked! Get ready for useless trivia on my life. I hope you’re entertained. Thanks, @heart!

1. Why did you choose the career/profession that you are in?

It took me until 8th grade to realize you could go to school to learn about food. If that doesn’t sound like a dream career I don’t know what does. Also, The Princess and The Frog played a very large role in my choice–I, being a rabid Disney fanatic, wanted to see the movie, then eat the delicious food it featured. My dad, to save a dime, told me to make it myself. That was when I realized I could cook, and I loved it. I wanted more. And now here I am, cooking at Disney! The dream. (My dad calls it the most expensive bowl of gumbo he’s ever paid for.)

2.  Do you have any pets?  How many?  What kind?

Back home in Wyoming I do. A cat (a real brat) named Patriot. I miss his fuzzy face. Here in Florida, all I have are basil plants, and I’m pretty sure they’re dead but I keep watering them with vain hope.

3.  How do you take your coffee?

Black with just a tad of cream!

4.  What website are you on the most?

I am on Facebook a lot. It’s sad. It’s how I keep track of everyone’s lives that are across the country from me. Also, I’m on Hello Giggles a ton. I love feminist rants.

5.  What is your all-time favorite food?

Caramel. Homemade. I will eat it with a spoon. Also, my mom’s chicken fried steak is the bomb.
6.  If you could only take one thing to a desert island, what would it be and why?

I would take…um. Good question. Probably a really good, really thick book. A classic, like Catch 22 or Pride and Prejudice. Ooh, no! Steinbeck’s East of Eden. Favorite book of all time.

7.  If someone had to choose just one word to describe you, what would it be?

Adorable. I get that a lot. It’s good, on one hand, because yay, who doesn’t like being adorable? But also it means people don’t take me seriously, and in the culinary industry, I walk into a kitchen and they look at me like, “Are you lost, little girl?”

(Side note: I tried to get on a plane a few months back and they asked me if I was old enough to fly alone. I had to show them my ID to convince them, yes, I was an adult, not a twelve year old.)

8.  What’s your favorite thing to watch on Netflix?

The Dick Van Dyke Show!

 9.  Favorite memory as a child?

I remember visiting Mexico when I was eight, first trip out of the country, and I was at a wedding. The church was huge and gorgeous and gold everywhere, and as the bride and groom walked out into the sunshine as newlyweds, we all rang porcelain bells. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything so simultaneously obnoxious and gorgeous. I still have the bell.

10.  Favorite kitchen utensil?

A chinois! (Because apparently all good chefs have them.) Don’t underestimate the power of straining things.

11.  What the most artsy Instagram picture you’ve taken?

I am terribly un-artsy and unhipster even though sometimes I try, but this is my winner: the Liberty Square Lanterns in Liberty Square, Magic Kingdom, Disney World. My favorite Disney location on all property.


So now it’s my turn!

I nominate the following for The Leibster Award.

Just A Dad With Disney Questions – This is a humorous, wonderful blog that asks all the questions that everyone has secretly been wondering as adults watching Disney films. I wish it were ten thousand pages long because I would read this for days.

My Main Street Life – Because I can feel the enthusiasm of a countdown to a Disney College Program. I’m not a CP, but I know tons of them, and this is super exciting stuff.

The Adventures of GG – This blog epitomizes the life I wish I could lead. Travel to exotic places, musing writings and trip descriptors! It’s like being an adventurer without leaving your laptop.

Frankly, My Dear – Perfection in every way, this blogger uses the internet as her canvas on which to paint the creative, pretty life she can’t necessarily incorporate into her engineering, male-dominant real world.

The Busy Spatula – I love this blog! The pictures are stunning. If you’re hungry, wait until you’ve eaten to read this blog… it’s gorgeous!


Questions for my Little Leibsters:

1. What is the most embarrassing song on your iPod? (A Hilary Duff revival perhaps…)

2. What did you want to be when you were a kid?

3. What is the most memorable trip you’ve ever taken?

4. What is your preferred method of transportation and why? (Bike, car, train, plane, scooter, rollerblades, Segway, hanglider…?)

5. Chocolate or vanilla?

6. What is your favorite crepe filling?

7. Favorite Disney character?

8. If you could choose any era to time travel back to, when and where would you go?

9. What is your dream car?

10. If you could choose a theme song, what would it be?

11. Do you have a favorite Disney memory? If so, please share! (Parks, movies, personal experiences… etc.)


Thank you, future Leibster awardees! I think your blogs are all smashing. Keep up the good work!



2 thoughts on “The Leibster Award, Take Two!

  1. Really appreciate both the nomination and the kind words in your post. I have been overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback I have received so far. I am only 17 posts into this adventure and am having a blast. I won’t be doing a post on my blog though…hope that doesn’t offend. I am trying to keep all my posts on the topic…I might do a separate page b/c I really like the idea of the Leibster Awards. If I do, I will definitely let you know! Keep on cookin’ with the good posts! (pun intended!)

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