I’m Ready To Rock My Disney Side… With Starbucks

Who’s ready to rock their Disney side???

If you answered with a wholehearted, “ME!!” you are not alone. Today, Magic Kingdom is open for a full 24 hours.

Let me repeat that: 24 FULL HOURS of Disney Magic. Those of you experiencing the fun, I envy you. I will be behind the scenes making the magic happen all night long. Which is why I have a triple venti macchiado in front of me. I’m working a double and will be at Magic Kingdom until wee hours of the morning.

So this post is dedicated to the wonderful Cast Members who will be on the front lines of tonight’s special event. As fun as it is for the Guests, Cast Members deserve a good amount of credit. Working hard overnight to make magic isn’t an easy job, although it is definitely a worthwhile one.

To all of my fellow MK CM’s… (Magic Kingdom Cast Members) thank you for your hard work! Way to rock your Disney side even while the sun isn’t out! I applaud you and will probably see you dozing off in the cast cafeteria around two in the morning. I’ll buy you coffee.

And for any Guests that will be at today’s event–thank a Cast Member! We like magical moments too. :)




2 thoughts on “I’m Ready To Rock My Disney Side… With Starbucks

  1. Josh says:

    Congratulations on making it through the 24 hour day madness, and it was a bit calmer than we expected over in the ‘Showcase until 0100. I was in Magic for a bit just to people watch, and wow was it.. interesting. How did you enjoy your shift?

    • I actually had a great time working my overnight shift. My fellow Cast Members are awesome, plus we had free food and the Tunnel had music going all night. It was a blast.

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