Eloising: The Art of Snooping Around Hotels

I grew up sneaking around hotels, pretending I was Eloise. I’ll blame my mom for that… she encouraged me. I went up and down service elevators, peeked into ballrooms, looked into any unlocked closets. I picked up phones that looked too ornate to function properly and spoke to the operator (or just hung up, satisfied the phones were in working order.)

So when my mom flew into O-town for my “summer vacation” (one week off) we seized the opportunity to go poke our noses around some Disney Resorts.

We parked at the Polynesian and hopped on the monorail to check out the Grand Floridian, which was stunning. Disney, how do you do it?

(All the photos in the post belong to me, by the way.)

The Grand Floridian! Guys, I took a picture that looks kind of quality for once. Be impressed.

The Grand Floridian! Guys, I took a picture that looks kind of quality for once. Be impressed.


I studied the menus for Victoria and Albert’s and Citrico’s, washed my hands at the Basin boutique and wandered the grounds. Like usual, we went up and down all the elevators, because elevators say a lot about an establishment.

Also, we kinda sorta snuck into the wedding pavilion, which is prettier than the Disney Weddings Blog could ever portray.





That time my mom and I explored the Disney Wedding Pavilion.


But we were hungry, and quick service meals just don’t cut it. So we decided to aim high. Literally.

Hello, Contemporary Resort… mind if we join you for dinner?


California Grill at the top of the Contemporary Resort.




The butter is even fancy and contemporary looking. I mean, seriously. Look at that.


Farmer’s Salad, with a poached egg and watermelon radishes. Delicious.


BBQ-Apple Flatbread. The crust was crisp and golden, the apples just sweet enough to compliment the slightly spicy barbeque sauce.


Softshell Crab Medusa Roll. Absolutely amazing.

We went up to the fifteenth floor to the California Grill, featuring a lovely view of the park below. We didn’t have reservations, but we ordered off the full menu while sitting in the lounge. We had a perfect view of the fireworks and the food was phenomenal. I want to work there just so I can get the recipe for their lavender focaccia. And their softshell crab Medusa roll was hands down the best sushi I’ve ever had in my life.

It was beautiful, start to finish. And I’ve seen Wishes from many perspectives, be it in the crowded cluster around Cinderella Castle or the Cast Member parking lot behind Magic Kingdom, but the view from the top of the Contemporary was beautiful. And they piped the music in, lights dimmed and all.

The only slight drawback was the fact I’m suffering from a terrible head cold that robbed me of my palate for most of the day. I was lucky that my cold meds kicked in enough for me to thoroughly enjoy my meal at the Contemporary, although I couldn’t hear very well and I think my voice was a manly two octaves lower than usual.

Oh, well.

Even then, the night was magical. After all, how else would Disney have it?


2 thoughts on “Eloising: The Art of Snooping Around Hotels

  1. Quite the exquisite evening! The Grand is a favourite, especially the Garden View Tea. Did you visit the villas per chance?

    Also, I’m sure chef would absolutely happily and willingly give you the lavender focaccia recipe (or ingredients at the very least) if you so kindly asked. Chef Brian is pretty well known around here. ;-)

    Feel better ~

    • Why thank you! And you seem to be quite the expert in everything I post. I will definitely be asking for that focaccia recipe… I don’t think I’ve ever had a more lovely bread in my life.

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