Saturday Lunch Musings In The Mouseketeeria

I am a functional human being today, which is shocking. Its just one of those days where everything is going like it should: I woke up on time and wasn’t tired. I made a perfect pot of coffee! (I love when that happens). My breakfast was both delicious and nutritional (delicional? New word. Mental note: work on that one) and I didn’t leave for work over-caffeinated. Which does occasionally happen, and ends with me bouncing up and down while working the grill, jittering around the kitchen like a jumping bean on steroids.

And even at work today’s kitchen prep isn’t daunting. In fact, I dare say its…easy? No, I’m going to jinx myself. We’ll just say its “ahead of schedule.”

The only imperfect piece of the puzzle was my unsatisfying,  watery turkey lunch wrap. It sits, taunting me, next to the current copy of Eyes & Ears, the Cast Member magazine.

But a bad lunch does not a bad day make.

Instead, I am kind of enjoying my day, which is weird for a Saturday at work during the crazy summer tourist season.

Last night at Downtown Disney,  the musical group Nova Era spent their break chatting with my friend and me, sharing their Italian recipes and insisting the ONLY way to make risotto was with hot stock and very thinly sliced onion. They are Italian, so they would know.

I love when people share culinary advice, because everyone thinks they’re right.  That’s what makes cooking so great and so personal.

And they’re really cool musicians with great hair,  so that was fun.

If I am lucky, the rest of my day will be just as smooth sailing as the morning has been. Disney, work your magic!

(As if on cue, Peter Pan just walked by high fiving everyone.)

Here’s to hoping your weekend is just as magical. Cheers to Saturday!


One thought on “Saturday Lunch Musings In The Mouseketeeria

  1. My favorite subject is cultural dishes when it comes to cooking, albeit if I am a but biased towards desserts being a pastry chef. You’ll always receive a varied response, and no matter what there’s really no wrong answer, it’s just the approach that differs!

    Did you happen upon Peter this weekend too? He just returned to us from a long adventure from Tokyo. ;-)

    Perfection, as always!

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