Adulthood, Huh? Okay.

Do you ever find yourself in weird places,  and yet despite it all, you’re kinda happy to be there?

Thats where I am. Or, more specifically,  I am outside a frozen yogurt shop eating lemon meringue flavored froyo with those strawberry boba balls (holy cannoli are those good) in the pouring Florida summer rain.

And its weird to eat froyo alone, but for some reason, it makes me feel grown up. Like I can confidently go buy and eat whatever I feel like on my frozen yogurt because I’m an adult and I do what I want.

Turning into an adult, it turns out, can be delicious. It means your mom isn’t around to tell you, “Stop, thats enough sprinkles!”

(Can you hear the freshman fifteen calling? I can.)

Yep, times like these I think my eight year old self would be real proud of who I have become.

Anyway, maybe its because I just nailed my externship interview and I have a job lined up for the end of school. Or maybe its because I’m wearing fancy job interview clothes. Or maybe its because I wore eyeliner for the first time in a year and I feel like my eyes are the size of a Disney princess or Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie and I can *blink!* make magic things happen. Like more boba balls and sprinkles, please.

I really didn’t expect the pinnacle of my adult life so far to be froyo in the rain.

But it is.

And I’m happy to be here.


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