Life Under the Castle

I wish I could show you a live feed of the Magic Kingdom Utilidoors.

Yes, they exist. Underground tunnels beneath a thriving amusement park, tunnels filled with boxes and people and the sound of the AVAC system carrying trash through big metal tubes.

I wish I could show you the people lurking in the Mouseketeeria on their breaks. They’re loud, happy, tired, often sweaty and overworked but tireless, tenacious and dedicated to a crazy and magical company.

I wish you could see the smiles! I wish you could hear the stories they tell.

I wish you could stand in the Subway line behind Cinderella or have your door held open for you by Peter Pan. I wish you could hear the bus drivers call all the ladies ‘princess’ as they scan our ID’s.

I know that at Disney it is the job of Cast Members to preserve the magic, but that job is hard. Not only do I want to show a Guest our inner cogs and wheels to prove just how hard we work for their enjoyable vacation, but I want them to see the real magic that keeps this place running. Not the showmanship. Not the fireworks. The honest to goodness people that work here.

Because as lame as it sounds, this is where the magic is.

I just wish you all could see it.


One thought on “Life Under the Castle

  1. Alicia V Tabler says:

    This smartly written essay questions the “magic” of Disney…. not so magic after all, but on the other hand…. What is real and what is magic? The “Boom Generation” of Latin American writers also questioned this back in the 1960s.

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