I Love Cocoa Beach

Let me tell you where to find the best fish tacos. Ready? The Sandbar on Cocoa Beach. It’s one of those seat-yourself sand-everywhere type places that just screams, “Beer and tacos and surfing all day!”

I think I’ve hit up The Sandbar every time I’ve been in Cocoa Beach, and I love it to death. Trust me, it’s great. After a few rounds of beach volleyball, crashing on the sand and sipping ice-cold lemonade, my group stopped for lunch here and then reclaimed our spots on the beach. Between the sand and the surf and the sunset, it was absolutely gorgeous and a total blast.

untitled (2)

But the highlight of my Labor Day was not the perfect weather, the great friends I was lucky enough to join or even the delicious fish tacos. No, the highlight of my day was discovering ‘I Dream of Yogurt,’ the frozen yogurt shop based off of my favorite old TV show, I Dream of Jeannie.

It’s perfect, and intentionally so, because the show takes place on Cocoa Beach.

We were literally driving out of Cocoa Beach when we passed by the sign. I let out a tremendous gasp of excitement, to which the girl beside me asked, “Do you want to stop here?” (A reaction possibly due more to the fact I was freaking out than anything).

“Yes!” I exclaimed. “Yes, yes, yes!”

Inside, episodes of I Dream of Jeannie were playing on a television. Signed paraphernalia from Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman lined the walls.

You don’t understand,” I tried to explain. “I’m the biggest I Dream of Jeannie fan ever. I don’t even have words to describe my excitement!”

The froyo was great, the company was fabulous and the atmosphere was unparalleled.

This was, by far, the best Labor Day I think I have ever had. It was … (wait for it!) … just beachy.

And that is certainly not my last time in the most magical frozen yogurt shop I’ve ever encountered. I will be back faster than you can blink and say, “Yes, Master!”



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