TripAdvisor keeps sending me bumper stickers.

It all started so innocently– great service prompted a request for a good review on TripAdvisor, the online travel review help site, and so I happily typed up a glowing paragraph and submitted it online.

They sent me an email, a very cheerful and grateful one– Thanks for writing such a great review! We’re glad you’re willing to share your experiences with other travelers.

That did the trick. I was tickled pink. Who cares if no one even read the review? It was out there, for the world to see! My experience was helping make educated travel experiences for others!

Write another review? It prompted me.

So I did. A restaurant review. And another.


And another.

And that’s how it happened. That’s how I got addicted to TripAdvisor. I’m no food critic, but that’s the beauty of being online in this day and age. I have a cell phone camera and a fairly large vocabulary. I can experiment with phrases like, ‘fork-tender’ and ‘dazzlingly complex’ without having the pressure of being Frank Bruni or Pete Wells. I can share my experiences with the world, and TripAdvisor will keep encouraging me with emails containing subject lines like, “Another Great Review!” and “You Wrote It. They Loved It!”

It even tells me who all has read the reviews. I’ll open up yet another email from them, exclaiming, 435 views on your review!

And the few people that have voted my reviews ‘helpful’ have only encouraged me further. I am slowly gaining TripAdvisor badges like an overeager Girl Scout on caffeine. I reached my Contributor badge in less than a week.

To make matters worse, I signed up for Yelp this morning. I just had such excellent service at a tire store, and my review-happy typing fingers just had share the knowledge.

And Yelp, like his good buddy TripAdvisor, prompted me to write another review?

And I couldn’t say no.

It’s official–I’m addict. Is there a Trip-Ad Anonymous out there? And if so, has anyone reviewed it?

If not, I volunteer.

The irony abounds.


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